Site Area

73,000 Sq. M.

Gross Floor Area

480,000 Sq. M





The first project of SOHO China

SOHO New Town is the first project of SOHO China. Located to the east of the China World Trade Center in Beijing's Central Business District (CBD), with a gross floor area of 480,000 square meters, SOHO New Town has 48 shops, 283 offices and 1897 apartments. Having foreseen the rapid rise of small and medium-sized companies and their need for combined living and working spaces, SOHO China was the first in China to put forward the "Small Office, Home Office", or "SOHO" concept, to provide flexible and multi-functional spaces in SOHO New Town.The project was officially put on the market in September 1998. Its sales topped single projects sales in Beijing in 1999 and 2000. In total, sales were about RMB 4 billion. Construction of SOHO New Town was completed in December 2001.

A brilliant cityscape in the east of Beijing

SOHO New Town is now a brilliant cityscape in the east of Beijing. Its 10 buildings, decorated in 9 different colors,accommodate 8,000 residents and provide office space for 7,000 people. Its club features a fitness center, a swimming pool and a sauna.There is a cinema, outdoor tennis courts and children's playgrounds, as well as a variety of restaurants, teahouses and cafes within SOHO New Town and in the immediate vicinity. SOHO New Town also boasts a collection of contemporary Chinese art.

  • Site Area: 73,000 square meters
  • Gross Floor Area: 480,000 square meters
  • Phase I: Six 28-story towers with a gross floor area of 260,000 square meters, including 1,385 apartment units and 1,226 parking lots.
  • Phase II: 4 interconnected towers with a gross floor area of 220,000 square meters, including 512 SOHO apartment units, 48 shops, 277 offices, 866 parking lots.
  • Auxiliary Amenities: 2,092 parking lots
  • Kindergarten (2,150 square meters)
  • Primary school (5,800 square meters)
  • Clubhouse (2,235 square meters)
  • Developer: Beijing Zhong Hong Tian Real Estate Co. Ltd
  • Architects: Cui Kai; Zhu Xiaodi


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SOHO New Town

88 Jianguo Road

Chaoyang District